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Division of Community Nursing

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Division of Community Nursing

  The Division of Community Nursing was established in 2009 to address the increasing health care needs of Chinese population on health promotion and disease prevention. Based on the guidelines of the health care system reforms in China, the goals of the division are to provide students with basic knowledge and skills regarding assessment and analysis of issues impacting health in community, and to provide faculty a platform for community care practice and research.

  Faculty of the Division:

  Hou, Shuxiao (Head of the Division), MSN, RN, Associate Professor, advisor for MSN

  Guo, Guifang, PhD, RN, Professor, advisor for PhD & MSN

  Liu, Yu, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, advisor for MSN

  Sun, Jing, PhD, Lecturer

  Teaching and Practicum Settings:

  Zhong Guancun Community Health Care Center of Haidian District, Beijing

  Xue Yuan Road Community Health Care Center of Haidian District, Beijing

  De Sheng Community Health Care Center of Xi Cheng District, Beijing


   Community Nursing

   Gerontological Nursing

  Faculty members work closely with other members in the School of Nursing and clinical preceptors from community settings in teaching and research. Various teaching methods (e.g., lectures, group discussion, PBL, role playing) are employed in the teaching processes to improve the outcomes. Meanwhile, the faculty members have also worked on textbook publications which are utilized nationally.   

  The faculty members have launched different research activities which focus on community health care policy and aging issues. There are 4 main research areas at the division: community based health management, gerontological nursing, long-term care, and improvement of teaching in different settings. . 

  Faculty members have published their works in international and national journals. We are looking forward to cooperating with scholars who share the common interests around the world.


  Director: Shuxiao  Hou

  Faculty:  Guifang  Guo

  Yu      Liu

  Jing      Sun

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