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Division of Humanity & Social Sciences

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Division of Humanity & Social Sciences

  Division of Humanity & Social Sciences was set up in the 1999,and currently consists of 4 teachers, including three associate professors,one lecturer. Since its inception, the Division has assumed the humanistic sociology courses including Nursing Ethics, Nursing Management, Nursing Education, Nursing and Law, Interpersonal Communication and Etiquette, Nursing Aesthetics, Health Psychology, Nursing Education and Scientific Research, Professional English, Nursing Ethics and Professional Value, and is committed to the professional training of nursing students' humanistic spirit and the humanities accomplishment.

  Under the leadership of director Sun, the whole faculty assumes corresponding curriculums energetically, and actively carries out teaching reform. On the curriculum construction, in addition to traditional nursing education ( management, ethics and other social humanities courses),we also take the lead in the creation of nursing aesthetics, interpersonal communication and etiquette, health psychology and other courses. As for teaching methods, we develop PBL teaching mode to stimulate students’ learning ability through the procedure of solving problem, and to effectively cultivate students' critical thinking ability. At the same time, in the humanities curriculum we flexibly use teaching techniques such as classroom debate, group learning, reading teaching, discussion and case analysis to help students to expand horizons, improve the ability of thinking and using knowledge, and promote their humane feelings and humanistic care.

  Existing research directions of Division of Humanity & Social Sciences include: nursing education, critical thinking, the curriculum system and the teaching method of medical personnel occupation, psychological, hospital patients psychological status and psychological health of college students, nursing management ( including nursing quality evaluation and management of nursing human resource ), nursing economic ( including nursing service economic evaluation, evaluation of quality of care and management of human resources performance ), long-term care services market operation and policy ( mainly involved in long-term care institutions operating mechanism, long-term care insurance, third party quality evaluation and relevant policy research ), the doctor-patient relationship, interpersonal and communication, nursing aesthetics, the patients' rights and obligations.



  Director: Hongyu     Sun

  Faculty:  Ruiyuan   Guan

     Hong         Xie

       Jimin         Guo

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