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Division of Fundamental Nursing

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Division of Fundamental Nursing

  Division of Fundamental Nursing was founded in 1985, the very year the Faculty of Nursing of Beijing Medical University was founded. After the merger of Beijing Medical University and Peking University in 2000, the Faculty of Nursing was renamed to Peking University School of Nursing, and the Fundamental Nursing Teaching Division was formally established.

  Division of Fundamental Nursing consists of 9 full-time faculties, including one professor, four associate professors and four lecturers. Among of them, one professor is a doctor mentor, four are master supervisors.

  In teaching, the faculties undertake professional courses in different levels, which include the Nursing Theory, Nursing Research in Master level, Fundamental Nursing, Introduction to Nursing, Nursing Research in Bachelor level, and Fundamental Nursing in Associate level. Besides, the faculties have been keeping in improving the quality of teaching, and multidisciplinary cooperation. Till 2011, the faculties have edited or co-edited over 10 textbooks. Fundamental Nursing course was awarded “High Quality Course” by Peking University Health Science Center in 2009, and “High Quality Course in Beijing” in 2010. The textbook Fundamental Nursing edited by Prof. Shang Shao-mei got the “High Quality Text Book Award” in 2009.

  In research, the division has a multidisciplinary research group collaborated with the government, research institutions, academic group et al. The main research areas are clinical nursing technology, community health care, geriatric care, nursing education reform, nursing quality evaluation. During recent five years, the faculties have hosted 21 research projects sponsored by different funds and institutions. More than 60 articles were published in domestic and international core journals for which our faculties were responsible as the first author or the corresponding author.

  Division of Fundamental Nursing adhere to the school motto “Diligence, Rigor, Objectivity, and Creativity” and ethos “Student-focused, All for students" and will do the best to offer high quality nursing education in the new era.


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