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Launch of Peking University Health Science Centre for evidence-based nursing

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               Peking University Health Science Centre for Evidence-Based Nursing is located in the campus of Peking University Health Science Centre (PUHSC) in Beijing, China. The new centre was launched on April 5th, 2012. The executive director of Joanna Briggs Institute, Professor Alan Pearson and the vice president of Peking University Health Science Centre, Professor Fang Weigang attended the opening ceremony and congratulated the establishment of the new centre. PUHSC centre will contribute to the production of systematic reviews by faculty members, students, as well as specialized nurses in the affiliated hospitals and communities. In addition, this centre will hold workshops and seminars to provide the opportunity for clinicians and educators to share their expertise in research and evidence-based practice, as well as promote the dissemination and transferring knowledge generated by the Joanna Briggs Institute. Giving the fact that Peking University School of Nursing has been the leading pioneer in China for years, the establishment of PUHSC Centre will make an impact upon nursing practice in China. It will contribute to JBI in expanding their goal of producing systematic reviews, disseminating the knowledge, and ultimately implementing evidence based nursing practice globally.


The opening ceremony of PUHSC centre


Core Staff Members of PUHSC centre

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